Rockwood Court Reporting

Rockwood, Tennessee was purchased by Union General John T. Walker and founder of the Knox Iron Company, Hiram Chamberlain. They chose the 900 acres of land because of the vast amounts of iron ore and coal in the area. In 1867, the Roane Iron Company was chartered and by 1868 the company had built a blast furnace with a daily capacity of fifteen tons.

Perhaps as tough as the iron ore and coal found throughout the town is the life of an attorney without a reliable court reporting agency. Fortunately, in Rockwood, this is never an issue because they can always count on the WattsBoyd court reporting agency.
Since 1988, we have provided lawyers across the Eastern Tennessee region with first rate court reporting services. How we???ve managed to stay around for so long is clear. We use advanced, state of the art court reporting technology, but we treat our clients with personal, friendly customer service. This winning combination has served our lawyers well throughout the years.

We support all aspects of the legal process, with our wide range of loans for people with ccjs services, including ASCII, word indexing, e-transcripts, real time reports, condensed transcripts, videographers, and compact disc copies of your exhibits. These services are provided to assist in litigations, arbitrations, meetings, hearings and depositions.

Your success is important to us. That???s why we take measures to save you as much time as possible. Transcripts are emailed to you on the same day, so you can review them while you wait for the official ones. We respond to your requests on short notice and all of our services can be expedited to meet your deadlines.

So that you can connect with us at any time, twenty-four hour scheduling is available on our website or over the phone. Contact us how do i consolidate my debt now to get started.

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