Oliver Springs Court Reporting

On June 17th 1790, Stockley Donelson was granted 5,000 acres of land from the state of North Carolina, which would later become Oliver Springs, Tennessee. This generous grant was due in monthly loans no credit check large part to the wealth of the Donelson family. Stockley???s father, John, was one of the wealthiest men in the state during that time.
From its beginning, Oliver Springs has been home to prestigious attorneys, most notably, Andrew Jackson, who married John Donelson???s daughter, Rachel while she was separated from her husband, Revolutionary War veteran Louis Robards. Jackson helped Stockely write many land titles, needed to divide the town up amongst the people.

Andrew Jackson???s job must have been difficult back then, considering he was without the support of the WattsBoyd court reporting agency. Since 1988 we have been one of the most trusted court reporting agencies in the Eastern Tennessee region, assisting lawyers with litigations, arbitrations, meetings, hearings and depositions.

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