Kingston Court Reporting

Daniel???s Boone???s travels through the historic Cumberland Gap began in the Long Island of the Holston River, in Kingsport Tennessee. The river is a historic landmark because of its significance to Tennessee???s early development. Many meetings with the Cherokee were held on the Long Island and settlers used the river to transport people and products throughout the state, and later, into Ohio and down to New Orleans, Louisiana.

While the river was essential to the town???s growth, quality court reporting is essential to the town???s attorneys. That???s why they place their trust in the WattsBoyd court reporting agency every time they present a case in Tennessee courtrooms.

For over twenty years, we have given first rate court reporting services to the lawyers of the Eastern Tennessee region. We have remained successful for so long because of our ability to provide old-fashioned customer service values with advanced court reporting technology to give internet loads you the best possible results. Our agency strives to form long term bonds with all of our new clients and to maintain them with our old ones, in order to provide the continuity of service you need to thrive in the courtroom.

We offer support in litigations, hearings, depositions, arbitrations and meetings. Our services include ASCII, word indexing, condensed transcripts, real time reports, e-transcripts, videographers, and pay day loan application compact disc copies of your exhibits.

Because lawyers deal with time sensitive material, we help you save time by providing same day transcripts while we process the official ones and we can rush every one of our services if you need us to. Additionally, our many conference rooms are available so you are spared the time and effort of looking for a suitable meeting location.

Twenty four hour scheduling is available online and over the phone, so contact us now to get started!

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