Harriman Court Reporting

On Christmas Day, 1889, Walter C. Harriman, son of Revolutionary War soldier of the same name, began staking out land for what was to become Harriman, Tennessee. The town was formed as part of the Temperance movement in the Southeast. The founders of the town wanted to form a ???Utopia of Temperance.??? The Temperance movement ended eventually, but the town of Harriman still stands in beautiful Appalachia.

While lawyers will no longer prosecute defendants for the use of alcohol, there are still many cases for them to take on in Harriman. When preparing for their courtroom battles, lawyers in the area call upon the expertise of the WattsBoyd court reporting agency.

Since 1988, we have assisted attorneys in the Eastern Tennessee region with arbitrations, litigations, hearings, depositions and meetings. We offer a full range of court reporting services, including ASCII, word indexing, real time reporting, videographers, e-transcripts, copies of exhibits, and condensed reports.

There???s a reason for our long standing success in the area. We use the latest technology in court reporting while applying old-fashioned customer service practices. This combination, though simple, has created many long term clients within our agency. We are dedicated to giving our customers continuity and services tailored to their specific needs.

Lawyers often installment loans poor credit times deal with hectic, unpredictable schedules during their court proceedings. We recognize this and work with you to accommodate. Transcripts are emailed the same day so you can read over them while you wait for the official ones and all of our services are expedited, with great turnaround time.

Additionally, we provide loans for people with ccjs conference rooms so your meetings can be held in a suitable and secure location.
Appointments can be booked twenty four hours a day, online or over the phone. Contact us now and see what makes WattsBoyd the best in town!

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