Dayton Court Reporting

Dayton, Tennessee became famous in 1925, when the Scopes trial took place. The trial was held to determine whether or not evolution could be taught in public schools, when a teacher, John Scopes was tried for giving students lessons that went against the Bible. Scopes, though found guilty, went unpunished when the trial was upturned on a technicality. The case was considered a turning point in the debate over teaching evolution versus natural creation.

Nowadays, lawyers who practice in Dayton trust the experts of the WattsBoyd court reporting agency to ensure no technicalities go overlooked, so their cases won???t get overturned and dismissed.

For over twenty years, our licensed court reporters have provided high quality services to lawyers throughout the Eastern Tennessee region. How have we remained successful for so long? We know the value of providing advanced court reporting services while giving our clients the friendly, personalized attention they need. This simple, but effective combination has led to many long term working relationships with the lawyers we serve and we???d love to form a partnership with you too.

We can help with any aspect of the courtroom process, including depositions, hearings, arbitrations, litigations and meetings. ASCII, word indexing, condensed transcripts, e-transcripts, and real time reporting, are just a few of our many court reporting services.

To accommodate the busy, unpredictable timetables our lawyers work with, we provide you with same day transcripts via email, while you wait for the official ones. We can respond to requests on short notice and all of our services can be expedited, upon your request.

To further simplify things, twenty-four hour scheduling is available on our website, and over the phone. Find out what why we have served so many lawyers in Tennessee for so long. Customer service representatives are waiting. Contact us now.

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